Welcome to JeTSI

Jeffries Technology Solutions, Inc. is a Woman-Owned Virginia-based consulting company providing

  • Systems Engineering/Architecture
  • DoDAF Modeling
  • Cost Estimation and Analysis

If you are in need of specialized assistance with programmatic or technical challenges, JeTSI can provide the insight and experience needed to find the best way forward.

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Responsive  –  Resourceful  –  Reliable

Responsive: JeTSI always responds to customer requests and questions as quickly as possible. We never want a customer’s project or problem to stall because we haven’t responded to your inquiry. Our goal is to provide our customers with the answers, solutions, and help to move projects forward.

Resourceful: JeTSI embraces challenges. When we are looking for the method to achieve a desired goal, we look at traditional and out of the box solutions for the best fit. We strive to achieve the goal effectively, efficiently, and within resource constraints.

Reliable: JeTSI is proud to have assembled a team of some of the best engineers in the space satellite industry. Our engineers have been team members on some of the top space projects. With years of experience, they use solid engineering to bring a concept to reality and which will stand the tests of implementation and use.


From requirements analysis to prototyping, JeTSI can help design the system you actually need. Our engineers understand the software and the hardware needed to make your project a reality.

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JeTSI has been on the forefront of applying Model Based Systems Engineering  services and products utilizing the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) on large aerospace projects.

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Cost Estimation & Analysis

JeTSI costs analysts understand the interrelationships between the various factors affecting cost and schedule, as well as the ties between these factors and requirements.

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