Environmental Information in Every Decision – EUMETSAT

EUMETSAT, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, Conference is being held this week in Darmstadt, Germany bringing together meteorologists, scientists and researchers from around the world to share their experience and knowledge during plenary, poster and workshop sessions.

Presenting in Poster Session 1, “Environmental Information in Every Decision” by Philip Ardanuy (INNOVIM), David Green (NASA Applied Sciences Program Office), George Komar (NASA Earth Science Technology Office), Dr. Stephen Marley (JeTSI), Peter Neilley (The Weather Business), and Carl Schueler (Schueler Consulting).

In two decades, nearly-deployed constellations of US/European polar-orbiting and geosynchronous meteorological/environmental satellite systems will approach the end of their planned operational lifetimes. As the needs of weather services users continue to grow, they demand a broader suite of applied environmental services. Our ability to deliver these enhanced services is directly coupled to the pace and state of technology maturation. The poster depicts several classes of decisions (public/private; corporate/ commercial; real-time/tactical/strategic) and how intersections of technology maturation and evolving societal needs can drive concepts for exploitation of emerging technologies for, and data collected from, a future satellite observing systems generation.

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