JeTSI Gives Back – Kids are Enthusiastic!

At the end of 2013, Jeffries Technology Solutions, Inc. (JeTSI) donated toward school math and science kits through Donors in support of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education. The teachers were quick to send thank you notes during their Winter Break. Since then we have been receiving thank you notes, pictures, and cards from the kids. And they have been very enthusiastic!

You’re awesome because you made math really easy and fun. Thank you very much.
Math has now become easier since you gave us that donation.
If it wasn’t for your donation, math wouldn’t be so fun.
Now all I want to do is math.
I can’t wait to tell my mom. When I tell her she’ll be proud of you for making me a little better in math.
Thank you for giving us cool things so we can have fun.
We learned about propulsion.
Thank you for the cars. We learn how cars move.

JeTSI is happy to be a small part in encouraging children to enjoy math and science. We’re glad that our donations helped them have hands-on kits and projects in the classroom. And we’re impressed with their creative and well written thank you notes!

Kids Thank You Tree

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