JeTSI Presentation Accepted – GSAW 2016

Jeffries Technology Solutions, Inc. (JeTSI) is pleased to announce that our submission to GSAW 2016 has been accepted as part of the “Enterprise Approaches” session scheduled for the morning of March 2, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Architecture from Concept through Acceptance Test: Reducing Technical Management Costs for Systems-of-Systems” will show how Unified Profile for MoDAF and DoDAF (UPDM) was critical in achieving a new level of technical insight, technical management, and cost control. With the advent of the UPDM in DoDAF 2.0, along with implementations of UPDM provided by various commercial tools (e.g., MagicDraw by No Magic), the long anticipated potential to reduce costs and enhance the technical management of large Systems-of-Systems using “architecture” is beginning to be realized. UPDM’s relational model infrastructure removes the engineers from having to ensure every relationship, every interface, and every perspective remains consistent with each update to the model. This allows the Systems Engineering group to unleash the true power of the “architecture” throughout the life cycle, from Concept Definition and now through Acceptance Testing.

JeTSI has been on the forefront of this new technical management paradigm applying DoDAF modeling to the Constellation Program and providing key support for the Space Network Modernization Ground Sustainment System. Working since 2010 with NASA and NOAA on the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Ground Project (GP), JeTSI is also leveraging the JPSS GP architecture to assist NOAA’s Office of Satellite Ground Services (OSGS) in charting the overall NESDSIS ground system architecture into the next decade. For both NASA and NOAA, JeTSI has been in a unique position to support major system trades (capability, cost, and schedule) as NOAA charts its new course into the future of weather satellites. This presentation will present the highlights of these efforts, and how UPDM was critical in achieving this new level of technical insight, technical management, and cost control.

The presentation slides will be posted on our website after the conference is held. You will be able to find them in the Published Papers link.

Press Release GSAW 2016