JPSS-1 Launch

The second attempt to launch NOAA’s JPSS1 satellite on November 15 at 1:47 am was scrubbed due to excessive upper level winds. The team is assessing their options.

JPSS will bring the latest and best technology NOAA has ever flown in a polar orbit to capture more precise observations of the atmosphere, land and waters. JPSS-1, which will be known as NOAA-20 when it reaches orbit, will join Suomi NPP, the joint NOAA-NASA weather satellite, giving the U.S. the benefit of two, sophisticated polar satellites in the same orbit. Each will circle the globe 14 times a day, 50 minutes apart and provide full, global observations for U.S. weather prediction. Forecasters will use the data to better predict weather events and hazards, such as a hurricane’s track, and when a hurricane will intensify or weaken, identify power outages and locate and evaluate damage after a storm.

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