Spring Weather

We all anticipate spring weather eagerly looking forward to warmer weather, blooming gardens, and outdoor activities. But spring can also be temperamental and bring its own weather challenges – Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Flooding, and Hurricane Season starts June 1!

To help you better understand Hurricanes and prepare, we are reposting our Hurricane Preparedness article from last year.

Kudos to Emily for working with her class and her mom to make an emergency plan and be prepared!! She asked JeTSI to share a great site created for kids  – https://beprepared.com/storm-and-emergency-guide-for-kids

So like Emily and her mom….  Be Prepared! Make a family plan in case of a natural or national disaster.

Spring Weather Hazards

Warnings vs Watches

  • Warnings mean a weather event is occurring – take action!
  • Watches mean conditions are favorable for a weather event – be prepared!