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Understanding how to leverage COTS is key to reliability and maintainability, as well as reduced and reliable cost and schedule . JeTSI has extensive experience in space-oriented products, standards, and systems and can bring that expertise to your project.


Satellite Control Centers
JeTSI has worked with many different flavors of control center software at NASA and ESA including:

  • COTS/GOTS Control Systems
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Trending & Analysis
  • Telemetry Processing & Archiving
  • Autonomy & Automation
  • Flight Processor Management
  • Project Databases
  • Displays

Simulation & Modeling
JeTSI is a licensed distributor of the SimSat simulation system as well as VEGA’s Command & Telemetry Simulator. As such, we can both license these products and configure or customize them to meet your needs.

  • Operations Simulators, Operations Training
  • Flight Systems & Environment Simulators
  • Command-Response Medium Fidelity Simulators
  • Simulation Environments

Space Link Communications
With extensive experience in various space link communications modalities from standard ground based antenna, to space-based mechanisms like TDRS Relay as well as experience with the CCSDS standards used to transfer data between ground systems, JeTSI can help design or implement space link communications solutions.

  • Ground Stations
  • TDRS Relay
  • Services and Interfaces
    • SLE Transfer Services
    • Custom and legacy solutions


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