JeTSI to Participate in NOAA’s 2015 Satellite Conference

JeTSI will be presenting a poster at NOAA’s 2015 Satellite Conference in Greenbelt, Maryland on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. The poster will depict diagrams of the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Interface Data Processing Segment (IDPS). A top-level view of the IDPS science data processing system and several examples of different views will be depicted, along with a demonstration of how the model is derived. JeTSI Space Science Systems Engineer, Laura Ellen Dafoe will be on hand to describe the model and views.

The JPSS IDPS produces meteorological data products useful to weather and climatology scientists. The processing chain to result in these products is complex, with interdependency among the products themselves as well as with databases external to the JPSS system. Data flow management through this system presents a challenge with multiple sources and users of various data products. JeTSI has assisted in modeling this data flow using MagicDraw, an Enterprise Architecture application using DoDAF formalism. The modeling tool allows different views or perspectives of the same system while maintaining a unified construct. The model is very accurate since it is built from the Algorithm Development Library (ADL) code itself, rather than from requirements documents or software descriptions. The JPSS Program uses the model to manage responsibilities for products, to create and manage requirements specifications, and to scope downstream impacts to changes in a particular product. With the upcoming transition to an Enterprise science processing paradigm, this model could be extended to model the full data processing flow in IDPS, NPP Data Exploitation (NDE), and GOES-R. Managing the data flow between and within these systems will be challenging without a similar tool.

The poster “Accurate Data Flow Management Tool Facilitates Operational Stability and Risk Management in a Complex and Dynamic Science Processing Environment,” by Laura Ellen Dafoe and Jeffrey Hayden, JeTSI, will be viewable on our website after the conference.

Press Release JeTSI Participates in 2015 NOAA Conference

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